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Flora Exotics, India.

Welcome to our online site of  flower bulbs and plants from around the world suited for indoor and outdoor gardening! We hope you will enjoy growing the specialities we are offering just as we have enjoyed producing them for you. From time to time we will be adding more new and interesting items which will be updated on our website so please check back regularly.

 We have growing plants, tubers, bulbs and rhizomes for your garden, indoor decoration and for landscaping. Achimenes, Anthuriums, Amaryllis, Alocasia, Agapanthus, Amorphophallus, Ananas, Aroids, Asparagus, Banana, Blue Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Begonia, Bowiea, Calla, Cannas, Cautleya, Clivia, Colocasia, Cooperanthus, Curcuma, Cut Flower Types, Crinum, Cyrtanthus, Dietes, Eucharis, Ferns, Ginger Lilies, Globba, Gloriosa, Habranthus, Haemanthus, Hemerocallis, Heliconia, Hedychiums, Hippeastrum, Hippeastrelia, Iris, Kaempferia, Lilium, Lycoris, Musa, Orchids,Ornithogalum,  Palms, Polygonatum, Phrynium, Roscoea, Scadoxus, Sprekelia,  Tuberose,  Zantedeschia, Zephyranthus, Zingiber.

All flower bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, will be delivered either dormant or flowering from End September till end March. Potted plants will be delivered all year round. Wholesale inquiries please email us. Any wholesalers can

Best wishes for an inspiring gardening year ahead Flora Exotics.

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